Trading for Trash

Keeping with our Pledge of collecting more trash, than rocks we place, we will refer to that effort as “Trading for Trash”.


On our first outing in one of our beautiful National Parks we soon realized you might want some “tools” to make this goal less unpleasant.  We realized within a very small radius it is easy to fill a 33 gallon garbage bag.  How things like dirty diapers can be so callously discarded at the edge of a parking area, within 20 feet of a trash barrel, is beyond my thinking.  But that is just what is going on with the mindset of many today.

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We made up a small “trash kit” to be carried in our vehicle.

Our recommendations:
* Several Heavy Duty Garbage bags (Double bagged if you are transporting the trash in your own Vehicle).
* Disposable gloves.
* Leather Gloves.
* Extension grabbing device, or trash pike a.k.a “Paper Picker”.
* Container to hold trash bag.
* Zip Ties or Twist Ties  – Heavy enough to seal a stinky bag of trash.
* Hand Cleaner/Sanitizer &  Paper Towels.

Our first “Trading for Trash” haul.  This was after our first outing placing two “Paint & Hide Rocks”.  We think this was a great trade.  Removing this much trash for 2 small rocks we placed to brighten someones day.

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