Rock Registry & Activity

Please visit our Facebook Group (Link Below) to register and track “Rocks”.  Be sure to become a member and start posting.  Our Facebook group is the place to paste photos of your finds, as well as photos of  those rocks you place.  Whether these are your own originals, or those you found and are moving.  Be sure to include hashtags on your Facebook posting.

By posting or emailing us info, you agree to allow us to use and repost your information in various forms of media.  No form of compensation is implied, other than attempting our best to give credit to author or photographer.

Don’t become disappointed if you hide rocks and they are never posted as “found” or “re-hidden”.  Many are reporting only about 10% of their rocks are even posted again, even though they know they were picked up.  Facebook group


I found a labeled Rock.  What do I do?  Hopefully you take the time to post the rock as found.  Whether you are keeping the rock or re-hiding it.  It is a small “Thank You” back to the artist that spent time, money, and effort, to make you smile.

Find the appropriate Facebook Rock Group.  #BlazingRocks Facebook Rock Group is at the link above.  Our home is Las Vegas, Nevada.  Anyone is welcome from anywhere.  From anywhere in the world.

If you are posting a found rock that belongs to us (, be sure to include the hashtag info    #BlazingRocks

In addition do any text it would be nice if you Post a photo of the rock on our Facebook, and be sure to include the hashtag and info behind it.  That allows the artist the ability to find and track posts and where the rock ended up last.  If you also include a second hashtag to identify you personally, you can later find your own posts.

If you post a rock/info from another “Rock Group” we will take your info and make ever attempt to find the group that rock originated from.

If you are going to keep the rock, so note that on your post.  That will allow everyone to stop thinking the rock is out there to find.

If you are going to move the rock and do a re-hide for someone else to enjoy.  Post with the location and hints on where to find it.  Photos of the new spot are welcomed to!   Rocks are not meant to be hidden where they are difficult to find.  Ideally they are placed in plain view, or high traffic areas but perhaps blending in with its surroundings.  A rock frog next to a steam or water edge path would be an example.

I am new to this,  and just painted a rock.  Now what do I do?  Join your favorite Facebook Rock Group.  Or join multiple groups.  Use a unique hashtag ID to identify your rocks, or your finds.  Stick with that hashtag ID.  Label your rocks with that hashtag.  Then go set it free.  See Painting, Labeling, and Sealing info.

Again, “hiding” doesn’t mean making the rock difficult to find.  Rocks are not meant to be hidden where they are difficult to find.  Ideally they are placed in plain view, or high traffic areas but perhaps blending in with its surroundings.

When making a post on the Facebook group be sure to include the hashtag info of the original artists name that should be on their rock.

Add yours as well so they can be searched on.    #ArtistsNicknameRocks and #YourNicknameRocks   Create an identifier unique to yourself, proceeded by the hashtag, including on the end Rocks.  You will find ours by searching by #BlazingRocks

There can be no spaces after the hashtag, or between words.  Many special characters can also NOT be used.  Hint: To String words, Capitalize only the first letter of each of the words to make it more readable.

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