Small smooth stones show painting detail better than rough surfaced rocks.  Please don’t use native rocks from parks and such.  You can purchase appropriate sized stones from  Walmart, Home Depot, etc.  The tumbled smooth type are great to work with.

Let your artistic abilities shine and paint your rock.

Label should have a hashtag followed by your unique ID and end in “Rocks” to conform to other Rock groups.  (i.e. #nicknameRocks)

Glue the label on the back.  Many use Modge Podge paste.  I use Weld Bond.  Both are water based and dry clear.

Seal all surfaces.

Sealers should be exterior grade UV resistant

There are many choices.  I use a product from Rust-oleum.   Be careful if you use ink pens or sharpies.

Some sealers will cause some materials to run.  Always test anything you use for the first time.  Even spray sealers that can cause this work just fine if the initial coat is applied in a very thin coat, then allowed to dry.  Subsequent coats can then be applied more heavily.   Warmer temperatures always makes application work better.


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