Ivy at Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills ©Dustin Beach

Our 5. IVY Rock traveled from Las Vegas, Nevada and ended up at Hocking Hills, Ohio (Sunday August 20, 2017).  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful spot.  If you are in the area be sure to look for this one and move it on its way.

See Dustin’s Blazing Rocks Facebook group post about this rock.

Below are some hints.

Photographer/Rock Hider for this leg of Ivy’s journey.

See Dustin’s Post and Photos that are linked on the BlazingRock Facebook group.


Eye 2

#2 Eye Rock was placed for the first time July 5th, 2017.

There is more than meets the EYE“.   The placement of this “Paint & Hide Rock” has a special meaning for us.

This particular placement was done at Willow Springs, inside Red Rock Conservation Area NP, just west of Las Vegas Nevada.

To the unaware or uninformed, or a person that may be visiting this area via an air conditioned vehicle.  You might only see desert terrain at the base of large sand stone cliffs.  A few picnic tables under a small area of trees, and a pit toilet.  I am guessing at 110­°F, like it was today, most people would take a peek from the comfort of their car, and drive on.

Having lived in in Las Vegas for about 20 years I have visited this particular spot many many times.  In my younger years this was our popular spot to repel, technical rock climb, then hang out for a social picnic.  Though in most cases it was during the 3 cooler seasons of the year.

Little do most people realize, but this area has a year round spring that flows a very short  distance before being swallowed once again by the desert.  An odd Oasis for two species of rare snails.

The Mountains Springsnail, and the Southern Nevada Springsnail both exist here.  Willow Springs is one of the few places these Springsnails can be found across the entire world.

This Spring is also in near proximity to part of the “Old Spanish Trail”.  A historic trade route that connected Santa Fe, New Mexico with Los Angeles, California.  A trail that weaved through parts of Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California.  A section led south out of Las Vegas, through what is now the community of Blue Diamond.  Was this spring known of, and used at that time, by wagon trains?  How long do you suppose it took to travel from Las Vegas to this point?  20 minutes with today’s modern vehicles.  With a horse drawn wagon I could image this being a full day.  A perfect stop for water and even shade, that would have been so scarce in this desert climate.

Prior to that there is evidence everywhere this particular area was used by the Native American people over many years.  Within short walking distances of Willow Springs there are remnants of Agave Roasting Pits, Petroglyphs, and other water sources.  It is not unusual to spot Bighorn Sheep and other wildlife.  Those animals and this year round source of water would have made this area very attractive to people living off the land.

So we thought this area was the most appropriate area to send out our “EYE” on it’s journey.  “More than Meets the EYE”.   We placed it on a picnic table, under the shade trees, near the spring.  We “Traded for Trash” and did the exchange.


iPityTheFool has been hidden again

We re-hid #iPityTheFool rock.  A.K.A #MrT

We would like to thank the artist #ByrdsRox .

8/10/2017.  This rock was taken to Red Rock Park, just west of Las Vegas, Nevada.  We placed it in full view on one of the picnic tables at the Willow Springs picnic area.  The video shows some quick video snips of its final journey with the #BlazingRocks group.

We spent 45-60 minutes in the picnic area collecting trash.  We filled a large 33 gallon trash bag worth of trash and called it a day.  Please contribute to trash clean-up whenever leaving “Painted Rocks”.  Trading For Trash

Artist #ByrdsRox can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/buddy.byrd.18



This one traveled all the way from Ohio, to Nevada.    That is about 2500 miles!

We loved the artwork and the humor of it all.  We hope to re-hide this rock in the coming week.  We will be posting a location photo for sure.

This single rock, while spreading some joy, will also collect a bag of trail trash in the process.  Trading For Trash.



GECKO on the run

Our Gecko was placed July 5, 2017.  It was placed on a rock, in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  That is west of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Gecko actually looked pretty natural in that setting.  We know it was gone 10 minutes later.



5. Ivy

Created July 2017
Placement location: Left Las Vegas, Nevada August 2017
See log below image.

We are putting the final sealing coats on. This Rock will soon be placed.

Ivy Traveled from Las Vegas, Nevada to Ohio.
August 20, 2017  Placed at Hocking Hills, Ohio



Just trying a variation to standard “dot” painting.  I dremel cut the end of a 3/4 in wooden dowel to create a leaf.  In hindsight I believe I could have shaped it slightly different and it would have served as both a leaf or a heart.

It worked fairly well to create some ivy rather quickly.



Our first is ready to be released into the wild.

Ground to shape from a 3/4 inch thick sandstone.  We hope to release this critter this coming week.

Any recommendations on where our little critter should be staged for pick-up?

#BlazingRocks #1


Photos of some of your Rocks

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Small smooth stones show painting detail better than rough surfaced rocks.  Please don’t use native rocks from parks and such.  You can purchase appropriate sized stones from  Walmart, Home Depot, etc.  The tumbled smooth type are great to work with.

Let your artistic abilities shine and paint your rock.

Label should have a hashtag followed by your unique ID and end in “Rocks” to conform to other Rock groups.  (i.e. #nicknameRocks)

Glue the label on the back.  Many use Modge Podge paste.  I use Weld Bond.  Both are water based and dry clear.

Seal all surfaces.

Sealers should be exterior grade UV resistant

There are many choices.  I use a product from Rust-oleum.   Be careful if you use ink pens or sharpies.

Some sealers will cause some materials to run.  Always test anything you use for the first time.  Even spray sealers that can cause this work just fine if the initial coat is applied in a very thin coat, then allowed to dry.  Subsequent coats can then be applied more heavily.   Warmer temperatures always makes application work better.