Painting Info

First, always use your own rocks.  Ideal ones can be purchased at craft stores, landscape suppliers, big box stores, etc.  All of us are totally against picking up rocks in parks, along trails, or others such places.

Be sure your rock is clean and totally dry.  Wash and thoroughly dry your rocks, if necessary.  Any left over moisture trapped in the porous material will wreck your artwork.

Many recommend a primer or base coat be applied before starting artwork.

Some recommend painting your rocks with Acrylic Craft Paint.  Others recommend Testors Model Paint.  I personally like Acrylic since it dries fast and is water based for easy clean-up.

Cheaper paints will require multiple coats to get desired color coverage.  Experiment with a product brand, and one color or two.  Best to try it out before jumping in and buying an armload of paint colors and brands you aren’t happy with.

Some people prefer to “prime” the at surface with a base coat.  Other people do not.

Once your painted artwork has dried.  You have to then attach the label to the back.  Then insure it is totally dried.  Once dried you need to seal all surfaces.

The artwork on your rocks can be from something simple, to something truly artistic.  Heart felt, a memorial, humorous, pet related, etc.

Image Courtesy of: Jenna C Image Courtesy of: Jenna Corbitt.

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