Labeling Format

All “Rock” groups are using a similar format. If you are using as your group to list, post, and follow with.  Please include the following.

You have found a
“Paint & Hide” Rock
Visit and register it
Tag with #BlazingRocks
(Tag with your unique hashtag here)

Create and use a label  for your own rocks.  Use a unique hashtag personal to you.  Use the Hashtag sign, your Nickname, and follow that with the word Rocks.  Do not create any spaces.  This will make your info searchable.  The shorter the better. (i.e. #BettyRocks)

It is also wise to first search on Facebook to see if someone is already posting with what you might want to use.  If so I would create something different.  The following is an example format.


These  lines of type on a piece of paper (Could be clearly hand written too), need glued to the back side of your Rock(s).  Many people are using a product called “Mod Podge”.  The paste type.   Not the outdoor type since the outdoor type takes a long time to dry.  It will need sealed.

Mod Podge the raw rock surface.  Mod Podge  the back of the label.  Stick the label on, and work out any air bubbles.  Let that dry overnight.  Then apply another layer of Mod Podge over the label.

Once your painted side is completed, all surfaces should be sealed, including the Mod Podge area.  Mod Podge alone is water soluble and needs sealed.

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