iPityTheFool has been hidden again

We re-hid #iPityTheFool rock.  A.K.A #MrT

We would like to thank the artist #ByrdsRox .

8/10/2017.  This rock was taken to Red Rock Park, just west of Las Vegas, Nevada.  We placed it in full view on one of the picnic tables at the Willow Springs picnic area.  The video shows some quick video snips of its final journey with the #BlazingRocks group.

We spent 45-60 minutes in the picnic area collecting trash.  We filled a large 33 gallon trash bag worth of trash and called it a day.  Please contribute to trash clean-up whenever leaving “Painted Rocks”.  Trading For Trash

Artist #ByrdsRox can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/buddy.byrd.18

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