Created: June 2017
Placed to be found: July 5, 2017
At Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
West of Las Vegas, Nevada

This was our first creation.  Our inspiration for the “gecko” was due to the fact we live, hike, and backpack the desert southwest area of USA.  On nearly every hike we see the real live versions scampering over rocks.  We hope to place this rock so it blends right in with the natural surroundings.

This was grinder shaped out of a piece of scrap sandstone we had left over from laying a patio.

This particular piece is about 3/4 inch thick and is in several natural layers.  That makes this piece rather fragile.  In an attempt to extend its life, a layer of fiberglass drywall mesh was bonded to the bottom.  Then all surfaces were sealed several times.

If you find it some day and it is cracked or broken please glue and reseal and send it on its way again.  -Thanks!

1. Gecko was released into the wild July 5, 2017

Our hint to it’s placement location is:
Red Rock Conservation Area NP
Highest paved road point on the scenic drive
Rock on rock in plain sight
Overlooking Las Vegas, Nevada

In keeping with the Pledge we collected more trash than rocks placed today.   We are going to use the phrase “Trading for Trash”.  The below trash equated to 2 small “Paint & Hide Rocks” we placed today.  I think Mother Earth would say it was a good trade.

Last logged at:
8/7/2017  Wildwoods, New Jersey, USA by Tara Lynn



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