CAT Kee-Kee 3

(See 6/22/2017 Edit below the story)
(Original story 6/21/2017) This “Paint & Hide” rock is in memory of a homeless feral cat that adopted us about 4 years ago. One day she showed up. We fed her but couldn’t get near her for nearly a year. She first warmed up to my wife and eventually me. But she always retained a wild streak in her.

Months turned to years. She was an outside cat. Which is remarkable in itself.  We live in urban Las Vegas, Nevada.  Summer time temperatures exceed 110°F for days on end.  Often night time temperatures stay above 100°F.   Winters are the opposite extreme with night time temperatures often in the low twenties and even the high teens.

On several occasions we made the attempt to bring her in. But she was like a caged wild animal. We also have two dogs that presented a problem. Though they seemed more curious about her, than threatening.  She seems content in living free outdoors.

She knew the time my wife would get home from work. The cat would suddenly appear and sit at the garage door waiting for her. Tail straight up and twitching as she made her greeting.

Sadly, in June of 2017, she seemed to leave as sudden as she appeared some years ago. We hope we are not premature in our thinking. But for all the years she was here almost everyday. It has been several weeks since we last saw her. We miss the times she allowed us to actually hold her and give her some attention.

We hope this rock drifts from one happy place to another. Much like we hope she or her spirit is doing now. She touched our hearts and then was gone.

EDIT 6/22/2017  At 3:30 a.m. my German Sheppard woke me up growling.  Kee-Kee, also called Kit Cat, the cat was at the front door. Way ready for a can of food.  If she could only talk and tell me where she has been.  So now what do I do with the rock?

Needless to stay we were overjoyed to see she was OK, and that she had returned.

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