BlazingRocks Trash PLEDGE

The BlazingRocks PLEDGE is to remove at least 2 pieces of trail trash for every “Paint & Hide” Rock we place.  Also pick up at least two pieces of trail trash for every “Paint & Hide” rock you find.  We hope this mentality infects all like groups.   Imagine the power of one rock that is found by 50 or 100 people if they all honor this pledge?

Our goal is to have every artist, every searcher, and everyone participating on social media, adopt this pledge as an individual.  To also promote it within their rock group(s).  Can you image the difference we could make?

We are promoting this effort as  Trading for Trash.

Be proud of the trash you pick up and properly dispose of.  On our site we hope you also post pictures of what trash you remove.

How about organizing a special group event geared just to this trash subject.  Perhaps up the goal during the event to a whole bag of trash collected for each stone placed?

Please use this logo and link the Trading for Trash website.