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We are an active Rock Painting Group.  Many of us are Hikers and Backpackers, enjoying the artistic and social aspect of “Paint & Hide Rocks” or “Traveling Rocks“.  Integrating Social Media, while enjoying the Outdoors at the same time.

We also challenge all “Paint and Hide” Groups, as well as individuals, to remove trash and litter in the process while placing or searching for “Painted” rocks.

“Blazing Rocks” has been a generic term for perhaps generations, even centuries.  “Blazing marks” are also a cut-out piece of tree bark to mark a trail through wooded areas.  Back in a time before electronic devices, maps, and roads these markings all played a much more important role.  Rocks stacked in configurations to  provide directions, where/are called Blazing Rocks.  Some people know them as “Cairns”.

Though “Cairns” of today have become more of  a “city-slicker” type graffiti.  Found all over where the masses visit nature.  It seems some people have the need to mark the territory.

To those that escape to nature to enjoy it’s beauty, in its pristine form.  These cairns are viewed as visible trash and defacement, rather than dependable trail markers.  Sadly mindless other people seem to be compelled to follow the lead of others.  Creating numerous Cairns that ruin a natural setting or directional guide.

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I first became aware of the term “Blazing Rocks” or “Blazing Marks”, back in the 1950’s as a child, while in the cub scouts.   They are associated with another common term, “Trailblazing”.  A method of visibly marking a trail.  The method is still used today.  Colored paints, and wood or metal tags, often in the shape of a triangle or diamond, are also used.

Our hashtag on social media is an abbreviated version meant to mimic our longer domain name and is simply #BlazingRocks

We are fascinated by the unique and often very artistically decorated, or “Painted Rocks” that are placed in the wild.  Rocks to be found and moved by other like minded outdoor enthusiasts.  Not something that is visible unless you are looking up close and personal.

Amazed that artists are willing to spend hours creating a special rock.  Knowing once they place it, it may be found and kept.  It may never have a single post that it was ever found.

This is pure fun and not about needing any expensive high tech GPS unit, or complicated searching off a list of vague clues. (Geocaching)

More like an Easter egg hunt on a massive scale.  Rocks often left in plain sight.   Some meant to blend in.   Meant only to bring a smile to your face.  To be fun!

This hobby or sport can be enjoyed across all age groups.  An inexpensive family bonding activity that gets you off the phone, tablet, or computer.  Painting together, then out enjoying nature with some exercise.

Regardless of whether your trail is in an urban surrounding, you might be wheel chair bound, or you are hard core and hiking some remote trail off in the wild.  Local or International.  You can enjoy this sport.  Your “Rocks” can move between all worlds.  Cross all social boundaries.

Invoke a sense of team building between people.  Create a feeling of inclusion  between people with mental and physical disabilities, with those that are blessed with better health and unhindered abilities.

Rocks can move between other similar Rock Groups and be cross registered.   The artwork can be simple, elaborate, or tell a story.

Take the BlazingRocks.com “Trading for Trash” pledge to remove at least 2 pieces of trail trash for every “Painted & Hide” Rock you place.   Also remove at lease 2 pieces of trail trash for each “Paint & Hide” Rock you find.   Or stay awhile and collect and remove a whole bag of trash!  Do your part to spread a smile, and clean up nature in the process.



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