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BlazingRocks.com a.k.a PostalRocks.com is networking our interactive social media platforms for spreading joy and smiles through artistic creativity.  In miniature rock form.  Our Home base is Las Vegas, Nevada USA.  Please join our group regardless of where you are located.  You never know where your rock will end up.  Or our rocks for that matter.

Also check out our BLOG for articles about Painting Rocks, and Posts from our members, about Rocks that are moving around or showing up.

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One of the definitions of Blazing, for those that might not know.  Is: “A mark to indicate a trail, usually painted on or cut into a tree”.   So go out and blaze your own way in life.  Add your own personal touch to make others smile!  But add it to your “rocks”.  Don’t deface mother nature.

Image Courtesy of: Jenna Corbitt

BlazingRocks is a group for those into the “Rock Painting & Hiding” sport.  Specifically while out hiking and backpacking.  We will be following the  basic “concepts” and “standards” other such groups currently use.   No high tech expensive GPS required as with geocaching.  With our website presence we hope to be a focal point of helping to standardize methods of labeling and posting.  To also provide a point of finding other “Paint & Hide” Rock groups.

We do have a BlazingRocks group pledge.  To participate through our group we ask for your pledge to pick up at least two pieces of trail trash, for every one “Paint & Hide” rock you place.  Also pick up at least two pieces of trail trash for every “Paint & Hide” rock you find.  We hope this positive mentality infects all like groups.   Imagine the power of one rock that is found by 50 or 100 people if they all honor this trash removal pledge?

We will refer to this trash removal effort as “Trading for Trash”.

It is imperative that you keep all painting to your own rock creation.  Never paint directly on any natural feature whether it is rocks, trees, petroglyphs, etc.   Never pick stones to use from trails, parks, and natural settings.  Such activities are against the law in many places.  Not to mention extremely offensive to nearly everyone that respects anything.  You can purchase perfect sized stones at craft stores, landscaping supplies, and many big box stores.

Some might view this sport, hobby, or past time with negativity.  Nothing one does pleases everyone.  But to possible naysayers,  we look at this in a positive manner, rather than in the negative.  Many of us hope to help prevent defacement of natural settings that seems to be occurring more and more frequently.  Hopefully reduce the highly disrespectful Graffiti and spray painting of natural rock features, artifacts, and petroglyphs.  We hope these “Rocks” groups gives these otherwise destructive people an outlet for their thinking.

Help prevent destruction of priceless things  that have lasted untouched.  Natural treasure that have survived for thousands of years, until recently.  Hopefully some of those destructive type people take out their overflowing artistic ability, or need to make a statement, then state it in this “Paint & Hide” fashion?  Use it in a more constructive, non permanent, and non destructive manner.  Bring a smile to someones face in the process.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been doing this  “Rock” thing for years.  I have yet to ever find one.  I have only seen a single one that someone else stumbled across.  So it is not like these painted rocks are cluttering up the landscape.

To help the naysayers and also do something positive with our group.  Lets pledge as BlazingRock members, for every “Rock” we place, we pick up a minimum of two pieces of trash someone carelessly discarded.  Then properly dispose of the retrieved trash.   Wouldn’t it be great to say we know x many rocks were placed, which means two times that many pieces of trash have been picked up?  Proudly post photos of collected trash too!  “Trading for Trash”.

Please use our Rock  Registry & Activity link to our associated Facebook group to post photos and comments.  To also track your rocks travels.

These “rocks” aren’t meant to be hidden from sight, or difficult to find.  Nothing large sized either.  The more the “rocks” subtly blend in, or enhance their surroundings until found, the better.  For example, a rock painted as a frog.  Placed along a path near water or a water crossing?  Be sure to photograph the surrounding scenery and include some of those images with your “rock” posting.  Let our group, in a way, travel with your rock.

We gladly accept and encourage images and posts of “rocks” from other similar groups that may be found by our members.  Be sure to include your hashtag info, the originating artists hashtag info, as well as your other groups name/link.

These Rock creations are all individualistic.  Ranging from the simple, to very elaborate artist pieces.  They are meant to be moved and shared.  Please do not collect them and keep them.  If you want to keep something, take a picture for your “collection”.  Then share the rock again with others to find.

The below rock (our first find) inspired us to dedicate a “Rock” group to Hikers and Backpackers.  This was a find of the originating artist #susannarocks with the Northeast Ohio Rocks group.

Paint a small Rock (don’t use rocks picked up from parks, public property, and the like).  Use your own rocks.   Include a label on the back with your info.  Be sure to Reference www.BlazingRocks.com and your personal ID proceeded by a hashtag, and ends in “Rocks”.  (i.e. #YourNicknameRocks).  Do not include any spaces.

Be sure to “seal” your rocks to protect your artwork and labeling.

Photograph the front (design side) of your “rock”, then post the latest info about your “Blazing Rocks”.  Be sure to include your hashtag info in your post to make it searchable.

Then Hike or Backpack your creation to some wild location.  “Wild” can be urban as well as some remote trail in the woods.   Leave it in plain sight for the next traveler to notice and pickup.

The person that finds it, Photograph the front design, then please post to let the world know who found it, and where, then move it along.  Be sure to include the originators Hashtag info, as well as your own Hashtag Info.   Be sure to add where it was placed.

Create rock images and messages to brighten another trail travelers day.